Flier Project


  • Description: Flier Project
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I sketched out the four required concepts.  I then brought those to a critique group and asked what they thought about the different designs.  From there I chose one concept and put it together for the critique process assignment.  I then took the feedback that I received at the critique and made changes to improve my design.  Changes that I made based on the feedback concerned alignment of the photo, sizes of text, and logo selection.
  • Message: I feel that the main message of the flier is to encourage participation in the leadership conference.
  • Audience: The target audience are graduates that are interested in increasing leadership skills.
  • Top Thing Learned:  I learned that there are countless valid ways to represent the same idea.  The most successful fliers depended on following the principles of design and had a unique focal point.   I also learned more about gestalt and how having central message can improve the gestalt of a composition.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Ebrima, Sans Serif
  • Copy Font Name & Category:Adobe Caslon Pro, Serif
  • Links to images used in this projectLogo  and photo