The road not taken

two-roadsUnfortunately, I am unable to finish school right now.  My son needs me to home school him this next school year, so the degree will have to wait.  Still, I am not giving up on learning.  Here is my plan to keep current:

  1. I am working on my A+ certification using professor Messer’s tutorials on YouTube.  Here is a link to the 801 intro and the 802 intro.  These two tests make up the A+ certification.  Professor Messer also has a website where you can buy his courses all put together, probably a good deal.
  2. I am taking all the classes that I can (one at a time) on codecademy.  They have JavaScript, HTML, and many other hands on classes — and that’s the way I work best.
  3. Using what I am learning, I will be putting together a website.  At the time of this writing, there isn’t much on it, but I will be adding parts and pages from what I learn.  The website is
  4. I am taking a seven week course on social media that my sister-in-law found that is free.
  5. I am also viewing videos on Adobe Illustrator (one of my favorite programs!) by Skill Developer to learn new techniques.  Here’s the intro video for that series.

I hope that this will help me to continue to learn and grow in web design and development.  If you have any ideas that would help, I would be thrilled to hear them.


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