P3 Photodesign Activity

The sky through the branches of a pecan tree.

Light Outside

Light Inside

Light Inside

Focus Forground

Focus: Foreground

Focus Background

Focus: Background


Composition: Strong Leading Lines

Composition: Lead Room

Composition: Lead Room

This was a very interesting exercise.  I learned some new things that I could do with my camera -especially about the macro mode.  The first picture looked pretty good on the camera,  but when I got it into Photoshop I realized that, although I had metered it for the light, the blue in the sky had become more white than I liked.  I was able to fix that with the Selective Color tool.  I choose the color white and then bumped up the cyan about 10 to give the sky a bit more blue.  The next photo I took inside next to a lamp.  I found that adjusting my levels, especially the black, gave me detail and color that would have been lost.  I also found the sharpen tool was useful for the small details and the word that was partially cast in shadow.  I think I learned the most in the next two photos when I was focusing on the foreground and background.  It took me a long time to figure out how to focus properly with the macro setting on my camera.  The sharpen tool was useful to bring out details on the focal point of the picture.

The picture with the strong leading lines was fairly easy to compose.  I put the stone pagoda on the vertical thirds and the bonsai runs close to the other thirds with it’s top close to the horizontal third.  The last picture of my cat has her on the thirds facing into the frame for lead room.  I would have liked to frame her eye on the third but her ear was more prominent with the light shining on it.


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